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Free freight on orders over $100
Free freight on orders over $100

Bottom Rack Wheel Kit (pkt. of 8)

$56.28 excl. GST
($64.72 incl. GST)
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This is a genuine Electrolux replacement part

Suits a range of Simpson, Westinghouse and Electrolux dishwashers

Electrolux part number 50286965-00/4

40mm diameter 

DSF6105W, DSF6105X, SSF6105W, SSF6105X, DSF6205W, DSF6205X, DSF6305W, DSF6305X, DSF6106W, DSF6106X, SSF6106W, SSF6106X, DSF6306X, DSF6216X, DSF6206X, DSF6206W, ESL6163, ESL6143, ESL4143, DX103SK, DX103WK, 52C850SK, 52C850WK, SB908SK, SB908WK, SB916SK, SB916WK, SB926WK, SB926SK, EX401ISB, 52C870SK, 52C870WK, DX203SK, DX203WK, SB908SL, SB908WL, SB916SL, SB916WL, SB926WL, EX601SC, DX303EWK, DX303SK, WDF901SA, WDF901WA, WDF902WA, WDF902SA, ESF65060W, ESF65060X, F65411VI, WDU903SA, DX301WK, DX301SK, ESF68040X, ESL66010, ESL66010B, ESF66060X, F88025VIM, F89020IM, F86080FUM, F88015VI