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Bottom Rack Wheel Kit (pkt. of 8)

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The SEP755 Lower Basket Wheel is a genuine Electrolux replacement part, which suits a range of Simpson, Westinghouse and Electrolux dishwashers.


Diameter: 40mm

Shaft Length: 8mm

Equivalent: 50286965-00/4, 50269971003, 50286965004

Suitable for: DW125W, ESF609, ESF610, ESF610, ESF610, ESF610 -BIO, ESF611, ESF611, ESF611, ESF612, ESF614, ESF619, ESF619K, ESF620, ESF620, ESF632, ESF662, ESF662, ESF662, ESF663, ESF663, ESF663, ESF663, ESF672K, ESF673, ESI600B, ESI600W, ESI602B, ESI602W, ESI602X, ESI604B, ESI604W, ESI650B, ESI650K, ESI650W, ESI650X, ESI652B, ESI652W, ESI652X, ESI654B, ESI654K, ESI654W, ESI654X, ESI664A, ESI664B, ESI664B, ESI664K, ESI664K, ESI664W, ESI664W, ESI664X, ESI664X, ESI669B, ESI669K, ESI669W, ESI669X, ESL614, ESL620, ESL624, ESL653, ESL672, ESL672, ESL673, ESL673, ESL679I, ESL692, ESL692.1, ESL693, ESL694, ESL972, LL12B, DSF6105W, DSF6105X, SSF6105W, SSF6105X, DSF6205W, DSF6205X, DSF6305W, DSF6305X, DSF6106W, DSF6106X, SSF6106W, SSF6106X, DSF6306X, DSF6216X, DSF6206X, DSF6206W, ESL6163, ESL6143, ESL4143, DX103SK, DX103WK, 52C850SK, 52C850WK, SB908SK, SB908WK, SB916SK, SB916WK, SB926WK, SB926SK, EX401ISB, 52C870SK, 52C870WK, DX203SK, DX203WK, SB908SL, SB908WL, SB916SL, SB916WL, SB926WL, EX601SC, DX303EWK, DX303SK, WDF901SA, WDF901WA, WDF902WA, WDF902SA, ESF65060W, ESF65060X, F65411VI, WDU903SA, DX301WK, DX301SK, ESF68040X, ESL66010, ESL66010B, ESF66060X, F88025VIM, F89020IM, F86080FUM, F88015VI, ESL66010 WDF902SA, WDF902WA F88015VI, WDF902SA, SB926SK, SB926WK F88025VIM EX601SC ESL6143 F44080IM DX103SK DX103SK WDF901SA WDF901WA F89020IM 52C850WK 603.053.24 DX103WK, DX303SK, DX301WK DX103WK, DX301SK DX203SK DXI03WK DX203WK DX3OISK 52C850SK 52C850WK F86080FUM SB9I6SK SB9I6WK DX303SL SB9O8WK SB9O8SK WDF9OISA DX303WL WDF90IWA SB916SK SB916WK SB908WK SB908SK WDF901SA WDF901WA SSF6105W SSF6105X F40760 F86070IM SB926SL WDU903SA ESF68040X EX401ISB 103.053.26 303.0503.25 DSF6205X DSF6205W DSF6105X DSF6105W 91151903-20/8 DX103SK WDF902WA DX103SK DX103SK 91191638503 WDF901SA WDF901WA WDF902WA WDF902SA WDU903SA WDF902WA WDF902SA 52C850WK 52C850SK SB916WK SB916SK, DX103SK DX103WK DX303SK DX303WK DX203SK  DX301SK  DX301WK SB908SK SB908WK SB908SL SB908WL F86080FUM DX303SL DX303WL WDF901SA WDF901WA SB926SK SB926WK F60860 SSF6105W F40760 F86070IM SB926SL 52C870SK 52C870WK ESF68040X DX203WK EX401ISB RENGORA 103.053.26 DSF6205X DSF6205W DSF6105X DSF6105W WDF902WA 52C850WK WDF902SA WDU903SA ESF65060W ESF65060X 52C850SK SB916WK SB916SK LAGAN 603.053.24 EX601SC F89020IM F44080IM ESL6143 F88025VIM ESF66060X, F88015VI, ESL66010, DSF6305W, ESL4143, ESF6125X, ESL6163, F86070VI, SSF6105X, F60850VIM, F88080IM, F65411VI, DSF6305X,, SSF6106W, DSF6106W, DSF6106X, DSF6306X, DSF6206W, SSF6106X, DSF6206X, DSF6216X, SB916WL