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Free freight on orders over $115 (Inc GST)


SKU EF10.51211.003
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The EF10.51211.003 dual ceramic element is a genuine EGO product. It has a total diameter of 230mm and overall wattage of 2200W.

EGO controls are used by most reputable appliance brands today. Their German design facility produces a range of high quality, durable and innovative products from energy regulators to thermostats to radiant heating elements.

EGO lead the pack when it comes to radiant heating elements with over 300 million installed in household and domestic kitchens all over the world. They stand out due to their quality, performance and environmentally friendly materials. EGO radiant heating elements are ideally matched to their corresponding controls to create a high quality cooking system. Use our high performing and reliable EGO products to ensure your appliance continues to operate perfectly for years to come.

EGOFIX E.G.O. dual radiant element 2200W 240V, diameter: 230mm
Dual circuit - Inner: 121mm 750W, Outer: 206mm 1450W
3 x single 6.3mm male spade connectors for heating circuits
2 x single 6.3mm male spade connectors for hot light