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Smart String Inverter, Three Phase, Max output 10,000w, 2 x MPPT / 4 x Inputs

SKU SUN2000-10KTL-M2
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Huawei inverters Digital PV Solution for Upgraded Safety & Better Experience (Three Phase):

  • AI Powered AFCI to proactively mitigate fire risk
  • Optimizers enable more modules on rooftop
  • Up to 30% higher yields contributed by optimizing each panel performance
  • Inverter with no quick wear parts, failure rate < 0.5%.


  • Up to 30% More Energy by Optimizing Each Module Performance
  • 2 Strings per MPPT, More Energy Yields
  • PID Recovery Built-in to Secure Better Module Performance
  • AI Powered Active Arcing Protection
  • C&I Tailored Enhanced Active Arcing Protection
  • Pinpoint Arc Fault Positioning for Easier Troubleshooting
  • 0V Module-level Voltage Shutdown, Touch Safe
  • < 40 sec Module Auto-Mapping
  • No Fuse or Other Quick-wear Parts, Inverter Touch Free
  • Natural Cooling Verified by Telecom & Solar Application
  • One Smart Dongle Supports up to 10 Devices
  • Online Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, Module Touch Free

SUN2000-10KTL-M2 Data Sheet