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As an essential service we are open during Alert Level 3 & 4

Bottom Bake Element

$68.30 excl. GST
($78.55 incl. GST)
  • Specifications
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430mm x 380mm

Equivalent; CO-03, 0122004495, EUT45

Suitable for: Atlas, Simpson
62F814WN , 4U600,4U601,4U602,4U603,4U604,4U605,4U606,4U608, PAJ140W*13 PAJ140W*13, PAJ140W*18 PAJ140W*19 PAJ501R*13 PAJ501R*18 PAJ501R*19 PAJ501RS*13 PAJ501RS*19 EUC5110W*04 EUC5110W*18 EUC5110W*19 EUC5110W*20 EUC5130W*04 EUC5130W*18 EUC5130W*19 EUC5130W*20 EUC5140W*04 EUC5140W*19 EUC5140W*20 EUC5140W*28 61F810W 61F890R 61F920W 61F920WP PAJ140W*27 PAJ501R*27 PAJ501RS*27 61D810W*18 61D810W*19 61D813W*04 61D890R*18 61D890R*19 61D920W*15 61D920W*19 EEC1230W-L*18 EEC1230W-L*20 EEC1230W-R*18 EEC1230W-R*20 POL660S POL660W 63G904S 63G904W EBC5010W EBC5030W EBC5040W EBC5010W*04 EBC5010W*18 EBC5010W*19 EBC5010W*20 EBC5030W*04 EBC5030W*18 EBC5030W*19 EBC5030W*20 EBC5040W*04 EBC5040W*20 POL660S*02 POL660W*02 63G807S 63G807W 61F810W*01 61F811W*01 61F813W*01 EEC1230W-L*27 EEC1230W-R*27 EEC1230W-L*29 EEC1230W-R*29 POL660S*27 EBC5040W*19 PAJ140W*00 PAJ144W*00 61D810W*00 61D811W*00 61D817W*00 61D890R*00 61D919W*00 61D920W*00 PAJ161B*00 PAJ501R*00 EUC5110W EUC5130W EUC5140W EEC1230W-L EEC1230W-R 61D890R*15 63C904S*00 63C904W*00 POH675K*00 POH675S*00 POH675W*00 POH660S POH660W POH660S*04 POH660S*07 POH660W*04 POH660W*07