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Connector Block Assembly

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The SCB127 Connector Block is suitable for a wide variety of Simpson, Atlas, and Westinghouse ovens. 

Use with STR18 & STR19 elements

Equivalent: 99127, 99127E, 75291, 75061, NZ75061, NZ75063, NZ99127


Suitable for: 1U601W, 1U602W, 1U603W, 1U604W, 1U605W, 1U606W, 1U607W, 1U608W, 2U501W, 2U502W, 2U600W, 2U601W, 2U602W, 2U603W, 2U604W, 2U605W, 2U606W, 2U607W, 2U608W, 2U609W, 9PA, 9PM, 9HM, 9PET, 9PCST, 9PAT, 9GCST, 9HAT, 9WO600