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Drain Hose & Hook Kit

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The SEP994 Universal Outlet Hose Assembly is a genuine Electrolux replacement spare. It fits a variety of Simpson, Electrolux and Westinghouse Washing Machines.

Equivalent: 0571277083

Suitable for: SWT8063E WWT854 SWT8063E SWT9542 SWT8542 SWT7542 SWT704 SWT954 SWT554 SWT604 22S750M 22S750M*00 22S950M SWT902SA SWT902SA*00 SWT955SA SWT955SA*00 SWT552SA SWT605SA 22S750M SWT802SA SWT902SA SWT955SA SWT552SA SWT605SA 22S750N 22S950M SWT802SA SWT802SA*00 SWT704 SWT554 SWT604 SWT754 SWT954 SWT554 22S750L*00 22S750L*02 22S800L*00 22S800L*02 22S805L*00 22S805L*02 22S950L*00 22S950L*02 36P450L*00 36P450L*02 36P450L*03 36S550L*00 36S550L*02 36S605L*00 36S605L*02 LT819SA*00 LT959SA*00 LT809SA*00
LT955SA*00 LT955SA*01 LT809SA*01 22P650J*02 22S650J*01 22S741J*02 22S750J*02 22S650K*03 22S750K*03 700LD*00 750LD*00 36P450K*02
36P450K*03 36P450K*03
36S550K*02 36S550K*02
36S550K*03 36S550K*03
500MD*00 500MD*00
550MD*00 550MD*00
600MD*00 600MD*00
36P450J*01 36P450J*01
36S541J*01 36S541J*01
36S550J*01 36S550J*01
500MB*02 500MB*02
550MB*02 550MB*02
600MB*02 600MB*02
K600B*02 K600B*02
K600B*03 K600B*03
36P450J*04 36P450J*04
36S550J*04 36S550J*04
EWT806SB 91304103900
22S750J*01 22S750J*01
LT819SA*01 LT819SA*01
36P500M*00 36P500M*00
36S605M*00 36S605M*00
EWT606SA 91304100400
36P450H*01 36P450H*01
36S500H*01 36S500H*01
36S540H*01 36S540H*01
36S540H*02 36S540H*02
36S541H*01 36S541H*01
36S541H*02 36S541H*02
22S701E*01 22S701E*01
22S701E*04 22S701E*04
22S702E*01 22S702E*01
22S702E*04 22S702E*04
22S703E*01 22S703E*01
22S703E*04 22S703E*04
22S704E*01 22S704E*01
22S704E*04 22S704E*04
22S711E*01 22S711E*01
22S711E*04 22S711E*04
22S712E*01 22S712E*01
22S712E*04 22S712E*04
22S713E*01 22S713E*01
22S713E*04 22S713E*04
22S714E*01 22S714E*01
22S714E*04 22S714E*04
700LC*01 700LC*01
750LC*01 750LC*01
K750C*01 K750C*01
750LA*01 750LA*01
22S650K*01 22S650K*01
22S750K*01 22S750K*01
500MA*01 500MA*01
550MA*01 550MA*01
700LB*01 700LB*01
750LB*01 750LB*01
K750B*01 K750B*01
EWT806SA 91304100500
EWT806SA*00 913001242
36S605K*02 36S605K*02
K605B*02 K605B*02
LT758SA*01 LT758SA*01
LT908SA*01 LT908SA*01
36S501E*01 36S501E*01
36S501E*04 36S501E*04
36S502E*01 36S502E*01
36S502E*02 36S502E*02
36S502E*04 36S502E*04
36S503E*01 36S503E*01
36S503E*04 36S503E*04
36S504E*01 36S504E*01
36S504E*04 36S504E*04
36S511E*01 36S511E*01
36S511E*04 36S511E*04
36S512E*01 36S512E*01
36S512E*02 36S512E*02
36S512E*04 36S512E*04
36S513E*04 36S513E*04
36S513E*01 36S513E*01
36S514E*04 36S514E*04
36S514E*01 36S514E*01
22P600H*01 22P600H*01
22S740H*01 22S740H*01
22S741H*01 22S741H*01
22S740H*02 22S740H*02
22S741H*02 22S741H*02
22S700H*01 22S700H*01
SWT801 91304108100
SWT801 91304108101
SWT951 91304108200
SWT951 91304108201
SWT8012 SWT8012
WWT6041 91304112500
22S756J*03 22S756J*03
800RLD*00 800RLD*00
800RLD*01 800RLD*01
22S757J*03 22S757J*03
700LA*01 700LA*01
22S751J*01 22S751J*01
22S752J*01 22S752J*01
22P650J*01 22P650J*01
22S741J*01 22S741J*01
LC420P000 LC420P000
LC550S000 LC550S000
36B402P000 36B402P000
36B406P000 36B406P000
36B407SA000 36B407SA000
36B504P000 36B504P000
36B505S000 36B505S000
36B508SA000 36B508SA000
EWT959SA 91304100600
EWT959SA*00 913001243
22S800L*03 22S800L*03
22S950L*03 22S950L*03
22S816K*00 22S816K*00
22C821S*01 22C821S*01
22C821S*02 22C821S*02
22C822P*01 22C822P*01
22C822P*02 22C822P*02
22C823S*01 22C823S*01
22C823S*02 22C823S*02
22D721S*01 22D721S*01
22D721S*02 22D721S*02
22D728P*01 22D728P*01
22D728P*02 22D728P*02
22D729S*01 22D729S*01
22D729S*02 22D729S*02
22D824P*01 22D824P*01
22D824P*02 22D824P*02
22D825P*01 22D825P*01
22D825P*02 22D825P*02
22D826S*01 22D826S*01
22D826S*02 22D826S*02
22D827S*01 22D827S*01
22D827S*02 22D827S*02
22D828SS*01 22D828SS*01
22D828SS*02 22D828SS*02
22D829SA*01 22D829SA*01
22D829SA*02 22D829SA*02
36S555J*01 36S555J*01
36S556J*01 36S556J*01
36S557J*01 36S557J*01
36P450H*03 36P450H*03
36S500H*03 36S500H*03
36S541H*03 36S541H*03
22S801K*01 22S801K*01
228S802K*01 228S802K*01
LT609SA*01 LT609SA*01
LT609SA*00 LT609SA*00
LD425P*01 LD425P*01
LD425P*03 LD425P*03
LD555S*01 LD555S*01
LD555S*03 LD555S*03
36C405P*01 36C405P*01
36C425P*01 36C425P*01
36C425P*02 36C425P*02
36C526S*01 36C526S*01
36D427S*01 36D427S*01
36D427S*02 36D427S*02
36C526S*02 36C526S*02
36C527S*01 36C527S*01
36D428P*01 36D428P*01
36C527S*02 36C527S*02
36D421S*01 36D421S*01
36D422P*01 36D422P*01
36D428P*03 36D428P*03
36D422P*02 36D422P*02
36D429S*01 36D429S*01
36D522P*01 36D522P*01
36D422P*03 36D422P*03
36D423P*01 36D423P*01
36D423P*02 36D423P*02
36D522P*03 36D522P*03
36D423P*03 36D423P*03
36D426P*01 36D426P*01
36D523S*01 36D523S*01
36D426P*02 36D426P*02
36D523S*02 36D523S*02
36D523S*03 36D523S*03
36D524P*01 36D524P*01
36D524P*02 36D524P*02
36D524P*03 36D524P*03
36D525S*01 36D525S*01
36D525S*02 36D525S*02
36D525S*03 36D525S*03
36D528SA*01 36D528SA*01
36D528SA*02 36D528SA*02
36D528SA*03 36D528SA*03
AC36D422P*01 AC36D422P*01
AC36D525S*01 AC36D525S*01
22P824D*03 22P824D*03
22P728E*01 22P728E*01
22S730E*01 22S730E*01
22S821E*01 22S821E*01
22S823E*01 22S823E*01
22S720F*01 22S720F*01
22S730F*01 22S730F*01
22S821F*01 22S821F*01
22S823F*01 22S823F*01
22P822E*01 22P822E*01
22S822F*01 22S822F*01
22S826F*01 22S826F*01
LT908SA*03 LT908SA*03
36S605K*01 36S605K*01
22S806K*01 22S806K*01
22S807K*01 22S807K*01
LE425P*04 LE425P*04
LE555S*04 LE555S*04
36P422E*04 36P422E*04
36S424E*01 36S424E*01
36S424E*04 36S424E*04
36S525E*04 36S525E*04
36S526E*04 36S526E*04
36S527E*04 36S527E*04
22P600H*03 22P600H*03
22S700H*03 22S700H*03
22S740H*03 22S740H*03
22S741H*03 22S741H*03
LT955SA*02 LT955SA*02
800RLA*01 800RLA*01
36P450K*01 36P450K*01
LT608SA*01 LT608SA*01
LT608SA*02 LT608SA*02
LT608SA*03 LT608SA*03
36S550K*01 36S550K*01
22S701E*07 22S701E*07
22S702E*07 22S702E*07
22S703E*07 22S703E*07
22S704E*07 22S704E*07
22S711E*07 22S711E*07
22S712E*07 22S712E*07
22S713E*07 22S713E*07
22S714E*07 22S714E*07
22S701E*06 22S701E*06
22S703E*05 22S703E*05
22S703E*06 22S703E*06
22S704E*05 22S704E*05
22S711E*06 22S711E*06
22S713E*05 22S713E*05
22S713E*06 22S713E*06
22S714E*05 22S714E*05
LD800S*05 LD800S*05
LD850SA*05 LD850SA*05
LC725P*02 LC725P*02
LC750S*02 LC750S*02
23144010 23-144-010
23144020 23-144-020
23144030 23-144-030
23144110 23-144-110
23144120 23-144-120
23144220 23-144-220
23144230 23-144-230
23144330 23-144-330
23144340 23-144-340
23144350 23-144-350
23144360 23-144-360
23144400 23-144-400
23144410 23-144-410
23144600 23-144-600
22B705P*02 22B705P*02
22B710SE*02 22B710SE*02
22B711SE*02 22B711SE*02
22B715S*02 22B715S*02
23144610 23-144-610
23146010 23-146-010
23146020 23-146-020
23146030 23-146-030
23146220 23-146-220
23146230 23-146-230
23146330 23-146-330
23146340 23-146-340
23146350 23-146-350
23146360 23-146-360
23146400 23146400
23146500 23-146-500
23146510 23-146-510
23146600 23-146-600
23146610 23146610
800RLC*01 800RLC*01
800ELA*01 800ELA*01
SWT5541 91304111200
SWT6541 91304111300
36A402P000 36A402P000
36A402P010 36A402P010
36A402P020 36A402P020
36A402P030 36A402P030
36A405P000 36A405P000
36A504P000 36A504P000
36A504P010 36A504P010
36A504P020 36A504P020
36A504P030 36A504P030
36A505S000 36A505S000
36A505S010 36A505S010
36A505S020 36A505S020
36A505S030 36A505S030
36A506P000 36A506P000
36A506P030 36A506P030
36A506P040 36A506P040
LB420P000 LB420P000
36A405P030 36A405P030
36A405P040 36A405P040
36A406P000 36A406P000
36A406P010 36A406P010
36A406P020 36A406P020
36A406P030 36A507S000 36A507S030 LB550S000 LB550S030 W42AP000 W42AP030 W55AS000 W55AS030 23A175E000 3A275S000 23A275S-000 36A507S040 36A508SA000 36A508SA010 LB725P020
LB750S020 LB750S020
22A704P120 22A704P120
22A705P120 22A705P120
22A706S120 22A706S120
23A276S000 23A276S-000
23A277SA000 23A277SA-000
23A278SA000 23A278SA-000
23A705E000 23A705E-000
23A707EA000 23A707EA-000
22A710SE020 22A710SE020
23A177EA000 LD800S*01 23165000 23167000 23265000 23267000 26253000 26255000 26353000 26355000 LD800S*02 LD800S*03 LC725P000 LD850SA*01 LD850SA*02 LC750S000 22B704P000 LD850SA*03 22B705P000 22B706S000 22B707PA000 22B708SA000 22B710SE000 22S823F*04 22S720F*04 22S720F*05 22S823F*05 22S821F*04 22P824D*04 22P824D*05
22S821F*05 22S821F*05
22S822F*04 22S822F*04
22P824D*06 22P824D*06
22S822F*05 22S822F*05
22S826F*04 22S826F*04
22S826F*05 22S826F*05
22P728G*01 22P728G*01
22P728G*02 22P728G*02
22S730G*01 22S730G*01
22S730G*02 22S730G*02
500ME*00 500ME*00
600ME*00 600ME*00
22C804P*01 22C804P*01
22C806S*01 22C806S*01
22C808SS*01 22C808SS*01
22C812P*01 22C812P*01
22C813S*01 22C813S*01
22C814S*01 36P401F*01 36P401F*04 36S426F*01 36S426F*04 36S520F*01 36S520F*04 800RLB*01 36S551J*01 SWT1012A SWT8542A SWT8542 SWT9542 WWT8011 700LE*00 LT609SA*03 LT609SAU*03 SWT704 SWT1012A SWT8542A K600B*01 500MB*01 550MB*01 600MB*01 K800B*01 SWT554 SWT604 SWT6541M SWT801 SWT951 800ELC*01 36S605N SWT8542A WWT854 SWT1042A SWT5542 SWT6042 22S756J*01 22S756J*02 22S757J*01 22S757J*02 36S550M 36S550M 36S550N 36S605M 36S550M*00 36S605M K800C*01 SWT8043 SWT9043 SWT1043 SWT9043A SWT1023A WWT8040 WWT1020A WWT6040 WWT554B WWT8011