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Drain Pump

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The SFP1272 drain pump is a genuine F&P replacement part, suitable for a variety of Fisher & Paykel washing machines

Equivalent: 430144, 420324P

Suits Models:

WA70T60FW1, WA70T60GW1, WA65T60GW1, WA65T60MW1, WA55T56GW1, WA55T56MW1, WA80T65GW1, WA75T65GW1, WA80T65FW1,
GW701-S, GW601-S, GW501-S, GW701-FB, GW601-FB, GW501-FB, GW701-KB, GW601-KB, GW501-KB, GW650A-U, GW600B-U, GW500B-U, GW701-F, GW601-F, GW501-F, GW700B-F, GW600B-F, GW500B-F, GW701-K, GW601-K, GW501-K, GW700B-K, GW600B-K, GW500B-K, GW712NZ, GW512NZ, GW612NZ, GW711NZ, GW611NZ, GW511NZ,
MW512AA, MW612NZ, MW512NZ, MW611NZ, MW513AA, MW613NZ, MW051-F, MW070B-F, MW060B-F, MW050B-F, MW051-K, MW070B-K, MW060B-K, MW050B-K, MW070B-K, MW060B-K, MW050B-K,
LW015-F, LW015-K,
SWB070M, SWB060M, SWB050M,
IW812NZ, IW512NZ, IW712NZ, IW811NZ, IW711NZ, IW511NZ, IW810NZ, IW710NZ, IW509NZ, IW812AA, IW712AA