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Fluff Filter

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The SEP1734 Lint Filter is a genuine Electrolux replacement spare, which fits a variety of Electrolux and AEG tumble dryers.

Equivalent: 1366019014

Suitable for: EDC2086PDW T61270AC T61275AC T65270AC T65280AC T6DB40370 T6DB40378 T6DB60375 T6DB60378 T6DB60379 T6DB64375 T6DB72GP T6DB72KP T6DB82GP T6DBC482 T6DBG28S T6DBG28SC T6DBG28W T6DBG720N T6DBG721M T6DBG721N T6DBG722M T6DBG72P T6DBG72W T6DBG820N T6DBG821 T6DBG821N T6DBG822M T6DBG822N T6DBG82P T6DBG82W T6DBK721 T6DBK72P T6DBK82P T6DBM720G T6DBP721K T6DCE821B T6DEG824 T6DEL821G T6DIS724G T71270AC T75280AC T76280AC T76280IC T76285AC T86280AC T86280IC T86285IC T86290IC

EDC2084PSW EDC2085POW EDC2086GDW EDC2086PDE EDC2086PDW EDC2087GEW EDC2088GDW EDC2089POE EDC2089POW EDC2096GDW EDC2096GEW EDC2096GYW EDC2096GZW EDC2188GDB EDC2289GDD EDEH095SQW EDP2074GDW EDP2074PDW EDP2074PZW EDP2075GDW EIED200QSW EW6C4086CB EW6C4089DD EW6C4123CH EW6C4723SC EW6C4735SC EW6C4753CB EW6C4824CB EW6C4824SC EW6C4826CB EW6C4853SC EW6C5722CB EW6C5724CB EW6C5822CB EW6C5852CB FDP7200PS FDP7202PZ FDP7203PZ T65280AC T75280AC T76280AC T86285IC T86290IC