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Hepa 12 Filter

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The SEVP20 Hygiene Filter is a genuine Electrolux replacement spare, which fits a variety of Electrolux vacuum cleaners. 


Equivalent: EFH12W

Suitable for: Z06350 Z5810T ZPF2323TP ZSP4303 ZSP4303PET ZAC6705 ZAC6707 ZAC6717 ZAC6742 ZAC6805 ZAC6806 ZAC6810 ZAC6826 ZAC6827 ZAM6100 ZAM6101 ZAM6103 ZAM6104 ZAM6106 ZAM6107 ZAM6109 ZAM6116 ZAM6200 ZAM6210 ZAM6220 ZAM6230 ZAM6240 ZAM6250 ZAM6271 ZAM6280 ZAM6290 Z5810 ZCX6202 ZE347 ZE2243 ZE2244 ZEG300 Z5030 Z5040 Z5045 Z5048 Z5228 Z5240 Z5245 Z1570 ZJM6840 ZO6320 ZO6330 ZO6350 Z5515 Z5530 Z5533 Z5540 Z5560 Z5561 Z5621 Z5632 Z5635 Z5650 Z5915 Z7320 Z7351 ZSC6930 ZSC6940 Z6160