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Hose inlet - Cold

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The SEP1574 water inlet hose is a genuine Electrolux replacement part, suitable for a broad range of Electrolux, Simpson & Westinghouse washing machines.


Equivalent: 0571200124


Suits Models: EWF1282, EWF12753, EWF12763E, EWF12822, EWF12832, EWF12853, EWF14013, EWF14023, EWF14822, EWF14912, EWF14922, EWF14933, EWW14013, EWT606SA, EWT806SA, EWT806SB, EWT959SA, SWF8556, SWF12743, SWF12843, SWF14743, SWF14843, SWT554, SWT604, SWT704, SWT754, SWT801, SWT951, SWT954, SWT552SA, SWT605SA, SWT802SA, SWT902SA, SWT955SA, SWT1012A, SWT1023A, SWT1024A, SWT1042A, SWT1043, SWT5541, SWT5542, SWT6042, SWT6541, SWT6541M, SWT7542, SWT8012, SWT8043, SWT8063E, SWT8542, SWT8542A, SWT9043, SWT9043A, SWT9542, WWF1274, WWF1284, WWT554B, WWT854, WWT1020A, WWT6040, WWT6041, WWT8011, WWT8040, 22S750M, 22S750N, 22S950M, 36S550M, 36S605M, LT908SA, LT955SA