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Inner door panel assembly with Hinges

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Oven door inner panel & glass complete with hinges.

Genuine Electrolux replacement part for some Electrolux, Westinghouse, Simpson models.

Equivalent: 0038001795, 0038001813

Suits Models:

POL781S, POL783S, POL783S*30, POL667/S, POL668S, POL677S, PDL790W, GOL476KNG/SNG, PDL790S, PDL794S, EDC693S*00 , EDC693W*00, EDCD697S*00, EDCD697S*30, EGC652W*00, EGC653S*00, EGC653W*00, EOC693S*00, EOC697S*00, EOC697S*30 , EOC697W*00, EOC697W*30, EXC693S*00, EXC693W*00, GSC6658SLP*00, GSC6658SNG*00, POHL668SCC*00, POHL668WCC*00, DSE6653S*00, EDE693S*00, EDED697S*00, EOE693S*00, EOE697S*00, ESE6633S*00, ESE6634S*00, 63G807S*00, 63G807W*00, 63G808S*00, 63G808W*00, 63G904S*00, 63G904W*00, 63G906S*00, 63G906W*00, 63G911S*00, 63G911W*00, 67G616S*00, 67G616W*00, GOL476KLP*00, GOL476KNG*00, GOL476SLP*00, GOL476SNG*00, GOL476WLP*00, GOL476WNG*00,  GXL650KLP*00, GXL650KNG*00, GXL650SLP*00, GXL650SNG*00, GXL650WLP*00,  PDL790S*00, PDL790W*00, PDL794S*00, PDL794W*00, PGL659S*00, PGL659W*00,  POL667KCY*00, POL667S, POL667S*00, POL667W, POL667W*00, POL667WCY,  POL667WCY*00, POL668S, POL668S*00, POL668SCY*00, POL668W*00,  POL668WCY*00, POL781S*00, POL783S*00, POL783S*30, PPL778S*00, PPL778W*00,  PXL698S*00, PXL698W*00