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Inner Oven Door Glass Seal

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The SEP59 Inner Door Glass Gasket is a genuine Electrolux replacement spare. It fits a variety of Electrolux, Westinghouse& Simpson freestanding ovens.


Equivalent: 0188002242

Suits Models: 

PSJ633S WH745W*13 GWH745W*05 GWH745S*13 GWH745S*05 GWH745K*05 85E726W 85E726S POH792K*00 POH792W*00 DSJ638SLP DSJ638SNG POH668S POH668W POH668S*14 POH668S*15 POH668S*07 POH668W*14 POH668W*0, DSJ638SLP, DSJ638SNG # GGC641S, GGC641W,GWH745W*13, GWH745W*05, GWH745S*13, GWH745S*05, GWH745K*05, GWH745KLP*00, GWH745KNG*00, GWH745SLP*00, GWH745SNG*00, GWH745WLP*00, GWH745WNG*00, GWH476K*05, GWH476K*13, GWH476S*05, GWH476W*05, GWH476W*13, GWH476S*13, GWH476K*00, GWH476S*00, GWH476W*00, GWH645KLP*00, GWH645KNG*00, GWH645SLP*00, GWH645SNG*00, GWH645WLP*00, GWH645WNG*00 # PDVJ792,S PDVJ792W, PDVJ792S*04, PDVJ792W*04 # PGH658S, PGH658S*14, PGH658S*15,PGH658W, PGH658W*14 # PSJ633S # POH668S, POH668W, POH668S*14, POH668S*15, POH668S*07, POH668W*14, POH668K*00, POH668W*07, POH698S*00, POH698W*07,POH698W*00, POH698S*07, POH668S*00, POH668W*00, POH698S*11, POH698W*11, POH698S*13, POH698W*13,POH698S*11, POH698W*11, POH698S*13, POH698W*13, POH776K*07, POH776S*07, POH777K*11, POH777S*11, POH777W*11, POH776W*07, POH776K*00, POH776S*00, POH776W*00,POH777K*00, POH777S*00, POH777W*00, POH792K*00, POH792W*00, POH792S*00 # POJ767A, POJ787A # POVJ782S*04, POVJ782W*04, POVJ782S, POVJ782W # PSJ633S*13, 63C844S*00, 63C844W*00, 63C844W*07, 63C844S*07, 63C844S*11, 63C844W*11,63C844S*07, 63C844S*11, 63C844W*11, 63C912S*00, 63C912W*00, 63C912S*11, 63C912W*11, 66E202W, 66E204W, 66E207S, 66E207W, 66E202W, 66E204W, 66E207S, 66E207W, 75C986S*00, 75C986W*00, 75C986W*11, 75C986S*1183E706S, 83E706W, 83E711S, 83E711W, 83E712S, 83E712W, 86E217SLP, 86E217SNG, 86E217WLP, 86E217WNG, 87E716S, 87E716W, 88E736S, 88E736W, 88E738S, 88E738W, 88E736S*02, 88E736W*02, 88E738S*02, 88E738W*02,85E726W, 85E726S, 88E736S, 88E736W, 88E738S, 88E738W, 88E736S*02, 88E736W*02, 88E738S*02, 88E738W*02, 83E706S*02, 83E706W*02, 83E711S*02, 83E711W*02, 83E712S*02, 83E712W*02, EDCD691S, EDCD691W, EGC631S, EGC631W, EGC651S, EGC651W, EGC651S*03, EGC651W*03,