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Free freight on orders over $115 (Inc GST)
Free freight on orders over $115 (Inc GST)


SKU 1522344-05/8*
$15.40 excl. GST
($17.71 incl. GST)
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The 1522344-05/8 latch is a genuine Electrolux replacement part, suitable for a variety of Electrolux, Simpson & Westinghouse washing machines.

DSF6105W, DSF6105X, SSF6105W, SSF6105X, DSF6205W, DSF6205X, DSF6305W, DSF6305X, DSF6106W, DSF6106X, DSF6206W, DSF6206X, DSF6306X, SSF6106W, SSF6106X, DSF6216X, ESF8725ROX, ESF65060X, ESF65060W, ESF68040X, ESF66814XR, ESL6610RO, ESI6180X, ESI6180U, ESL6100, ESL6180, ESL9163, ESL6163, ESL6143, ESL4143, ESL66010, ESL66010B, ESL67040R, ESL67040RB, WSU6603XR, WDF901SA, WDF901WA, WDF902WA, WDF902SA, WDU903SA, WSF6605WR, WSF6605XR, F76672MOP, F78601VI1P, F88709MOP, F99705IMOP, F65411VI, F88025VIM, F89020IM, F86080FUM, F88015VI, F88009MOP, DX103SK, DX103WK, DX203SK, DX203WK, DX301WK, DX301SK, 52C850SK, 52C850WK, 52C870SK, 52C870WK, SB908SL, SB908WL, SB916SL, SB916WL, SB908SK, SB908WK, SB916SK, SB916WK, SB926SK, SB926WK, SB926SL, EX401ISB, EX601SC