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Latch Oven

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The SEP1733 is a genuine Electrolux oven door latch, suitable for a a range of Westinghouse ovens.

Equivalent: 0046001026

Suits Models:
POPS668S, WVES613W-R 94403171323, WVES613W-L 94403168323, WVES613S-R, WVES613S-L , PORS663S-L, PORS663S-R, PORS663W-L, PORS663W-R, PORS668S-L, PORS668S-R, PORS668W-L, PORS668W-R, PORS668SL*02, PORS668SR*02, PORS668WL*02, PORS668WR*02, POPS663S*02, POPS663W*02, POPS668S*02, POPS668W*02, POPS663S, POPS663W, POPS668S, POPS668W, PONS663S, PONS663W, PONS663W*32, PONS667S, PONS667W, PONS667W*32, PONS663S*40, PONS663W*40, PONS667S*40, PONS667W*40