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Motor Rotor Assembly

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The SFP1278 Rotor Motor Pump Assembly is a genuine F&P replacement spare. It fits standard width Fisher & Paykel DishDrawers: DD60 & DS60 model numbers ending in an 8 or 9.

Equivalent: 524922P, 524922

Does NOT suit:

DS601, DD601, DS603, DD603, DS605, DD605 SS FP US, DS605, DD605FD SS FP US, DD60DC 6 and 7 series.

Suitable for: DD60DAW8, DD60DAX8, DD60DAW9, DD60DAX9, DD60DCW9, DD60DCX9, DD60SAX9, DD60SCW9, DD60SCX9, DD60STW9, DD60SCTW9, DD60SCTX9, DD60DI9, DD60STI9, DD60SI9, DD60SLI9, DD60DDFX9, DD60DDFX9, DD60SDFX9, DD60DAW9, DD60DAX9, DD60DCW9, DD60DCX9, DD60SAW9, DD60SAX9, DD60SCW9