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Power Division Control System

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The SolShare can distribute solar energy to multi-metered buildings with a shared roof. This includes apartment buildings, office blocks, and retail centres.

The Allume SolShare allows the energy produced by a single solar system to be distributed behind-the-meter to separately metered units, making it unique on the current market.

1. Rooftop solar panels: Solar panels turn light from the sun into free energy for your home or building. Panels are very sensitive and even produce energy on cloudy days.

2. Inverter: The inverter changes the DC energy created by the solar panels into AC energy. AC energy is what your home or building needs to power your appliances.

3. SolShare: The SolShare unit sends the energy from the inverter to you and your neighbours or tenants. It constantly monitors everyone’s energy usage and distributes it in a way that maximises your savings.

4. Existing grid meters: The SolShare connects to each circuit behind their own existing smart meter. Its installation requires no change to the existing electricity metering infrastructure.

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What is SolShare?

The SolShare is only available to registered customers. Required online training is free and available to all Electricians, Design Engineers etc. Please contact Smiths for more information and to register for the training platform.