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As an essential service we are open during Alert Level 3 & 4 and still offer free shipping on orders over $150 ex GST.
As an essential service we are open during Alert Level 3 & 4

Campini Thermal Cutout Limiter 90°C TY60

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$87.63 excl. GST
($100.77 incl. GST)
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90°C TY60 Overheat temperature cut out safety thermostat

Equivalent: 818730625

Suitable for:
A42C-6, CS122-5, FC66X, S350X-5, A4-5, CX81VMTT5, FC66X1, S351X-5, AP361MFEB, DCCB 5269, FCM60X, S365X-5, AP361MFN, DCCB5269X, FCM60X1, S370-5, AP361MFX, F166-5, FU65, S370AV-5, AP378MFX, F170-5, FU67, S370EB-5, BK206VML5, F170-6, S106X-6, S380X-5, CI65MS, FC65X, S108X-6, S381X-5, CI65MVDK3, FC66B, S340-5, S399X-5, CIE66MDK3, FC66N, S340EB-5, S399X-6, S399XPZ6, SA305X-5, SC061MFX, SC100PZ, S550-5, SA306X, SC06MFX, SC100SG, S550EB-5, SA307X-5, SC081MFX, SC100SGT, S551X-5, SA307XTS, SC08MFX, SC106, SA210X-5, SA310BL-5, SC100, SC106-2, SA240X-5, SA310W-5, SC100A, SC106A2, SA250X-5, SA310X-5, SC100ALU, SC106AL2, SA280X-5, SA310X-6, SC100EBO, SC106ALU, SA301W-5, SC041MFX, SC100GT, SC106CT, SA301X-5, SC04MFX, SC100NE, SC106CT2, SC106CTB, SC106NE, SC166PZ, SC361MFX, SC106CTB2, SC106NE2, SC170, SC361X, SC106CTN, SC106SG, SC321N, SC362MFX, SC106CTN2, SC106SG2, SC321X, SC365AV, SC106CTS, SC106T, SC325X, SC365AV1, SC106CTS2, SC109-2, sc336bl, SC365EB, SC106EB, SC109NE2, SC336WH, SC365EB1, SC106EB2, SC109SG2, SC336X, SC365NE, SC106GT, SC110, SC351X, SC365NE1, SC106GT2, SC166, SC361MFN, SC365X, SC365X1, SC399X, SC99X, SE106X-5, SC371MFX, SC399XGT, SCA301X, SE206EB-5, SC371X, SC399XPZ, SCA306X, SE206GB-5, SC378MFN, SC51X, SCA310X, SE206GB-6, SC378MFX, SC54X, SCA504X, SE206NE-5, SC379MFX, SC551X, SCA506X, SE206X-5, SC381X, SC63MFX, SCDK380X, SE206XT-5, SC381XGT, SC64MFX, SCDK398X, SE210AZ-5, SC381XPZ, SC73MFX, SCP112PZ, SE210EB-5, SC385X, SC74MFX, SDK455X-5, SE210NE-5, SE210P-5, SE280MFB5, SE335WH-5, SE392MFB5, SE210VA-5, SE280X-5, SE360C-5, SE398X-5, SE210X-5, SE286X-5, SE360EBC5, SE399LX-5, SE210XK-5, SE290X-5, SE360XC-5, SE465X-5, SE210XT-5, SE290X-6, SE365MFB5, SE485X-5, SE215X-5, SE320-5, SE365MFX5, SE598X-5, SE240X-5, SE320EB-5, SE375MEB5, SE800MFA5, SE250X-5, SE320XC-5, SE375MFX5, SE800MFP5, SE250XUK5, SE335BL-5, SE380X-5, SE900X-5, SE280MF-5, SE335SS-5, SE392MF-5, SE910MFA5, SE910MFP5, SI800CO, SI800PO, SO66CAS-5, SE910MFV5, SI800EB-5, SI800V-5, SO66CCS-5, SI800-5, SI800GB-5, SI850A-5, SO66CSS-5, SI800A-5, SI800MEB5, SI850APZ5, UK60CMFA, SI800AO, SI800MF-5, SI850GB-5, UK60CMFA1, SI800AV-5, SI800MFA5, SI850P-5, UK60CMFX, SI800AV-6, SI800MFB5, SI850X-5, UK60CMFX1, SI800AV-7, SI800MFP5, SM800-5, UK60MFA, SI800AVO, SI800MFV5, SM800A-5, UK60MFA1, SI800BO, SI800P-5, SM800EB-5, UK60MFX, UK60MFX1, WE206X-5, WE360EBC5, WE800GB-5, UK80MFA, WE320-5, WE360XC-5, WIL360BC5, UK80MFA1, WE320EB-5, WE392-5, WIL360C-5, UK80MFX, WE320XC-5, WE398X-5, XXSC106-2, UK80MFX1, WE360C-5, WE800A-5, XXSC109-2, W280X-5