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Sensor Harness Assy Defrost

SKU A01257402
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The A01257402 is a genuine Electrolux replacement part, which fits a variety of older model Westinghouse freezers.

Equivalent: A01257402

Suitable for: WQE6060SA, WQE6000SA, WHE6060SA-D, WHE6000SA-D, WTB4600WA-R, WTB4600WA-L, WTB5400WA-R, WTB5400WA-L, WTB4600SA-RH, WTB4600SA-LH, WTB5400SA-RH, WTB5400SA-LH, WTB4604SA-RH, WTB4604SA-LH, WTB5404SA-RH, WTB5404SA-LH 925060011, WTB5400WA—R, KTM4602WA-R, KTM4602AA-R, KTM5402WA-R, KTM5402AA-R, KBM4502AA-R, KBM4502WA-R, KBM5302AA-R, KBM5302WA-R, KBM4502BA-R