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Cut-out Thermostat

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This is a genuine Electrolux replacement part 

Suits a range of Simpson and Westinghouse dishwashers

Electrolux part number 0541400003

Thermostat activates at 60°C 

Equivalent: 541400003


52A906BW, 52A960BB, 52A960BW, 52A960IB, 52A960IW, 52A980BB, 52A980BW, 52B850SF, 52B850SG, 52B850SH, 52B850WF, 52B850WG, 52B850WH, 52B855SH, 52B900BC, 52B900BW, 52B900IC, 52B900IW, 52B950WF, 52B950WG, 52B950WH, 52B960BB, 52B960BE 52B960BW, 52B960IB, 52B960IW, 52B964BW, 52B966BW, 52B970WD, 2B971WD, 52B972WE, 52B980BB, 52B980BW, 52B980SF, 52B980WF, 50B961BE, 50B961BC, 50B961BW, 50B961IW, 52B961IC, 52B981BW,
SA904B, SA906B, SA906BE, SA908B, SB904B, SB905WE, SB905WG, SB905WH, SB906B, SB908B