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8" Top Radiant Element 2000W - Plug-in Terminals

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2000W 8 Inch (185mm)

Plug-in terminals

Fits with: SCB127 Connector Block

Equivalent: 220031, 5791, 5791H, WHISKEY, 75058, NZ75058

Suitable for: Atlas, Simpson and Westinghouse ovens various 900, 1000, 2000 Series models

1U601w, 1U602w, 1U603w, 1U604w, 1U605w, 1U606w, 1U607w, 1U608w, 2U501w, 2U502w, 2U600w, 2U601w, 2U602w, 2U603w, 2U604w, 2U605w, 2U606w, 2U607w, 2U608w, 2U609w , 9ptaw, 9paw, 9PAT-W