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2200W/1000W Dual Ceramic Hi-Lite Element

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The STR88 is a double ring 8” ceramic cooktop element for a variety of Simpson, Westinghouse, and Fisher & Paykel oven models.

2200W/1000 Dual (8" outer ring)

Equivalent: 389082702E, 532697P, NZ75123, EF10.51211.003S

Suitable for: 2U605W, 2U606W, 2U608W, 3U605W, 3U606W, 3U608W,
PAJ808W*00 PAJ808W*00
PAJ808W*01 PAJ808W*01
PAJ808W*02 PAJ808W*02
PAJ808W*03 PAJ808W*03
PAJ808W*04 PAJ808W*04
PAJ808W*05 PAJ808W*05
PHH284U*00 PHH284U*00
PHH564K*00 PHH564K*00
PHH564S*00 PHH564S*00
PHH564W*00 PHH564W*00
PHHY564K*01 PHHY564K*01
PHHY564K*00 PHHY564K*00
PHHY564S*00 PHHY564S*00
PHHY564S*01 PHHY564S*01
PHHY564W*00 PHHY564W*00
PHHY564W*01 PHHY564W*01
PAH808W*00 PAH808W*00
3U606W APOLLO 3U606W
EHC640U*00 EHC640U*00
3U608W ALPHA 3U608W
PHH285K*00 PHH285K*00
PHH285S*00 PHH285S*00
PHH285W*00 PHH285W*00
PAF808W*03 PAF808W*03
PHF284S*01 PHF284S*01
PHF284W*01 PHF284W*01
PHF284K*01 PHF284K*01
PHF564B*01 PHF564B*01
PHF564W*01 PHF564W*01
PHF564K*01 PHF564K*01
PHFY564B*01 PHFY564B*01
PHFY564W*01 PHFY564W*01
PHFY564K*01 PHFY564K*01