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9 position Selector Switch

SKU 540540
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The 540540 Rotary Function Switch is a genuine F&P replacement spare. It fits a variety of Fisher & Paykel built-in wall ovens.

16A 240V

8 positions + off

23 x 6mm D shaft

Equivalent: 542893, FP542893, 42.09000.017

Suitable for: BI601E, BI450A, BI450R, BI451A, BI452E, BI452MDP, BI452QASP, BI601A, BI601C, BI601CTE, BI601E, BI601ED, BI601QAA, BI601QAE, BI601QASX, BI601X, BI601XC, BI602A, BI602ASE, BI602C, BI602CE, BI602CTE, BI602E, BI602ED, BI602HN, BI602MAA, BI602MAE, BI602MASE, BI602MASE1.5, BI602MASE2, BI602MASX, BI602MDE, BI602MDE1.5, BI602MDE2, BI602MDX, BI602QAA, BI602QAE, BI602QASE, BI602QASE1.5, BI602QASE2, BI602QASES, BI602QASX, BI602X, BI602XC, BI603DE1.5, BI603DE2, BI603MDE1.5, BI603MED2, BI603QASE1.5, BI603QASE2